Thursday, March 22, 2007

Off on a Tangent

Hello again!

While I was recently writing articles about credit cards, I discovered that I have a great story to share with my online community. I have struggled with paying off credit for years and it is finally coming together for me. I can see my balances going down, and feel good about paying my bills early rather than late.

I was jotting down notes in my word pad about the things I could do online with that idea, and I thought, why not write it in my blog? We are all here to earn and learn right?

Here it is:

I am going to start a blog, a squidoo lens, and a debt group on Google Groups to gain some popularity on the subject. I'm thinking of trying to get a few articles on Digg to go to the top of the list. (Even though I haven't done anything with Digg yet)

I think this would be a good way to get some support for people who need it most. Yes, I'm doing it! I'll post the details here when I get them worked out later.

Here's what I'm working on today:

I have been hired to post in a poker & casino forum--this is fun for me, like a coffee break of sorts.

I have been posting in a work at home forum also, I just wish there were more people to talk to there. I really like the owner of it, and I think I will stick around there for awhile because eventually it will be a good venue for me to sign up new and aspiring writers for Constant-Content. I currently have 35 authors signed up beneath me, but only one has made any money. Not too bad at all since I've only been writing for them since the end of January.

I have two articles left to write about credit cards and personal finance, however, I have been hired to write for them on an ongoing basis. So it looks like I will always be writing about credit cards and other finance topics.

I am going to write a few credit card articles and submit them to Constant-Content to up my paypal balance at the end of the month. There have been no requests for these, but that is what is so great about CC, you can write about whatever you want.

Here's what I've already done today:

1. Took the kids to school
2. Laundry all day
3. Cut my mother's hair--with my cool Flow-bee hair cutting system
4. I cooked my my 5 year old and my Great Grandmother breakfast and lunch--she's been living with our family since August of 2006 and is 98 soon to be 99. Do I need to say more?

So now it is time to write some articles so that I can buy groceries this week. You know how it is right?

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